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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

CCA Board Members and contact information

2014 Board Members

President: Judy Rhyne or alt email

NC Vice-President: John Baxter or alt email

SC Vice-President: Chris Moore

Secretary: Robert Havens 

Treasurer: Robert Havens 

Board Appointees & Assignments

Women's Development Coordinator: Marianne Holt or alt email

Junior Development Program Manager: John Baxter or alt email

Permit Coordinator: Judy Rhyne or alt email

Official's Coordinator: Judy Rhyne

Upgrade Coordinator: Steve Johnson

USAC Regional Development Manager: Stuart Lamp

Web Administrator

Collegiate Representatives: Justin Evans

Women’s Development Committee:  Marianne Holt, Judy Rhyne, Mandy Gallagher, Samantha Bendt, Anne Moore, Elizabeth Brady, Sarah Kraxberger, Lynn Berry, Kimi Dail, Lauren Rigby

Junior Development Committee: John Baxter, Paul McKeithan, Chris Mumford, Jayne Pounder, Tom Sunday

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